Synergy extends its coolant management to now include absorbent for spills, leaks or clean ups.  Rolls, pads, socks and pillows are offered in universal and oil-only products.

We offer UNIVERSAL ABSORBENT PRODUCTS, including absorbent pads, (absorbent mats), absorbent socks and absorbent pillows are lightweight, durable, reusable and incinerable. They can be used on hydrocarbons and most chemicals.*  By universal, we mean that our absorbent products will pick up any liquid spilled, including water based chemicals and oil spills, as opposed to our oil-only absorbent products, that will absorb petroleum based liquids, but not water-based liquids. With universal absorbents you don’t have to know what was spilled or what is leaking so you don’t have to worry about which absorbent (universal or oil-only) you need to use. They can be stuffed into small areas like spill kits without losing absorbency.  Our universal absorbent products use recycled or reclaimed raw material whenever possible. *Not recommended for use on concentrated, fuming acids.

  • Universal absorbent pillows have a wide surface area and larger absorption capacity than absorbent mats for easier cleanup of chemicals and oil spills and leaks. Our fabric absorbent pillows (Unv) allow liquid to be rung out of the pillows and recovered.  The pillows can then be reused on large spills. Our gelling absorbent pillows (Gel) will hold 12-15 times its weight in water based liquids without giving up the absorbent liquid. Although our standard universal pillows and our gelling universal pillows are stock items, other absorbent fills are also available.

  • The primary use of the universal absorbent socks are maintenance applications but absorbent socks are also used in spill kits for diking and plugging drains.

  • Universal absorbent pads, sometimes referred to as absorbent mats, are used on roadways, walkways, plant floors it in other areas for chemical spills and oil spills when pillows and socks interfere with operation, traffic or safety.   Universal absorbent pads are the most requested item in the universal spill kits.

  • Universal absorbent rolls are also used on roadways, walkways, plant floors and in other areas for chemical spills and oil spills when pillows and socks interfere with operations, traffic for safety.  Our polypropylene absorbent rolls are perforated for easy use.   Use the entire absorbent roll or tear off one absorbent pad at a time. The needle punch absorbent rolls are very durable. The rag roll is the most absorbent of all of our universal absorbent rolls.

Oil-only absorbent products

We offer oil-only absorbent products, designed to absorb oil spills and other petroleum based liquids while repelling water.  The oil absorbent pads and oil absorbent rolls have absorbency rates as high as any polypropylene oil absorbent pad or rolls on the market.  Oil absorbents are desired over universal absorbent when oil is mixed or floating on water such as an oil spill on a lake or oil floating on top of water in a holding tank. You want to absorb the oil but not the water. The absorbent products listed below will help you do that. Size and shapes of all our oil absorbent can be customize your exact requirements. The contents of our oil-only spill kit can be modified to your needs as well.

  • Oil absorbent pads are primarily used in plant maintenance applications around machines that are leaking oil. Oil absorbent pads (or oil absorbent mats) are also used inside areas contained by absorbent booms, making them and essential component of most spill kits.

  • Oil absorbent booms are exclusive to the oil-only product line. There are no universal booms. The oil absorbent socks perform the function of absorbent booms on land.  The unique feature of absorbent booms is that, with the ropes and hooks, the length can be as long as you need to contain and absorb an oil spill on water.

  • Oil absorbent socks are ideal for routine maintenance around machines and other areas that are leaking oil. Oil absorbent socks, along with oil absorbent pads and absorbent booms are standard components in oil spill response kits.

  • Oil absorbent pillows, have a wide surface area and large absorption capacity to reduce spill response time in the cleanup of oil spills and oil leaks without absorbing water.  Grommets can be added when the oil absorbent pillows needs to be secured in lakes, holding tanks and boat bilges.  Absorbent pillows are also used in spill kits.

  • Oil absorbent rolls are perforated to reduce spill response time.  You can use the entire oil absorbent roll or tear off one oil absorbent pad at a time.