Synergy Applications is now offering a line of ozone coalescers.  Ever increasing filtration efficiency in the market.


The 03-C2 (Ozone Coalescer) saves money by extending the life of the coolant, improving tool life and reducing waste.  The bacterial control also improves skin conditions for the machine tool operators.


Ozone injection (.5 gph) with dissolved air floatation; Microbial contamination can be controlled without the use of biocides, this process also speeds up tramp oil rejection.

Oleophillic media; With an incredible surface area of 261 square feet per cubic foot, this media attracts tramp oil exceptionally well, this lends to the quick and easy removal.

3 Stage coalescing process; This increases the distance and time the coolant must travel through the media before returning to the sump, thus increasing oil removal effectiveness.

Auto level, small floating skimmer; Automatically adjusts to the coolant level from 3.5” to 12.5” and restricts lager matter from entering the pump and system.  Skims off floating tramp oil and particulate.

Quick release large 7 x 32” nylon bag filter;  Reusable filter bag that collects floating particulate sent in by the floating skimmer and pump.  Standard disposable filters can also be used.

Auto timer; Allows the O3-C2 to run in cycles, optimizing tramp oil removal and increased component life.

Dual tramp oil quick release drain valves; Easily remove tramp oil with quick release covers.

One year warranty

Product Specifications

Dimensions: with cart 29” L x 20” W x 28” H
Gallon Capacity: 22
Pump: 4.5 GPM
Intake hose: 10’ Long
Output hose: 10’ Long
Electrical: 110V 60Hz
Container: Translucent Polyethylene
Maximum Temperature: 110°F
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs