Oil Skimmer

VariAxe Pail Top and VariClean Pail Combo

Synergy Applications offers tramp oil removal system is an ideal portable sump cleaner and tramp oil removal system in one.  This portable machine is ideal to clean sumps from machine to machine cleaning your coolants.


VariAxe saves money by extending the life of the coolant and helps control bacteria and fungus by removing their food sources. A cleaner coolant environment can also improve tool life, skin conditions for operators, eliminates foul odors and reduce cleanouts. VeriAxe picks up oil, chips and fines and drops them into the VariClean Pail to gravity separate tramp oils, chips and fines from coolant, and returns coolant to the sump without oil overflowing onto the shop floor. This allows for savings on the costly use and disposal of absorbent products. It will also help reduce downtime and the need to frequently clean sumps.


Lift of skimmer, Carry off pale;  With the semi-clear pail it is easy to see full separation of the fluids. When it is full of oil, lift off skimmer, carry off pail. Any 5 gallon pail will work, but we recommend VariClean and all of its benefits.

Dual action scrapers pick up chips and fines with the oil; The containment from metals and plastics are picked up with the round belting of VariAxe. These containments adhere to the oil, that has an ionic attraction to the belting, and draws these containments into the VariClean pail.

Portable unit with belting that fits almost anywhere;  With an opening of 1″ x 3″, the VariAxe belting can get into the most difficult spaces.  The entire unit can be easily picked up and moved to another machine. Tube length can be custom fit for many different applications.

Pulls less coolant than other skimmers;  The smaller surface of the belting is very effective for removing oil, chips and fines while pulling very little coolant to wheel or belt skimmers.

Multiple belt length and material for custom jobs; Our high strength elastomeric belting provides long service life. We also use high temperature version that can withstand up to 450°F

Single large diameter drive wheel; The wheel has a very large contact area, which maximizes drive and eliminates belt slippage, denting or deformation.

Fan cooled heavy-duty gear motor;   The brass gears in the overload protected motor provide long-lasting performance and reliability.

On/Off power switch with a 10’ NEMA cord;  Allows easy on/off with an extended 10’ cord reach.

Separate skimmer and pail handles for easy transport

One year warranty on units, two-year on round belt

Product specifications, Skimmer and Pail

Dimensions: 12” D x 9” W x 21” H
Tube Speed: 2.25” per second
Reach: Standard 12” & 26” /many custom reaches available upon request
Oil Removal: Up to 2 quarts per hour
Required Opening: 1” x 3”
Electrical: 115v, 60 HZ, 46 watt, 1.1 Amp, fan cooled continuous duty motor with overload protection
Maximum Temperture: 110°F
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs