About Us

Synergy Application’s primary goal is to produce the world’s finest filtration products. Whether that product is a catalog item or a custom designed application, careful attention to detail is given from the start of your project through its completion. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is first and foremost and will settle for nothing less. With Synergy Applications you will receive your order on time, built to your specifications and backed by our complete support team.

Formed in 1997, Synergy Applications is a leading manufacturer of liquid filtration products and systems. Synergy’s unique ability to correctly identify customers’ needs and capability to apply state-of-the-art technology to our filtration products allows our customers to enjoy reliable and cost-effective products that meet their requirements

We utilize the team management approach to enable Synergy Applications to satisfy the diverse needs of the industrial filtration sector. This design has allowed Synergy Applications to grow quickly and steadily over the past years, requiring several facilities upgrades in a very short time.

Today Synergy Applications continues its tradition of providing quality, cost effective product to our customers all over the world.