Portable Filtration Systems


Synergy Applications Liquid Filtration Cart is an ideal portable filtration system for fast liquid transfer or as a portable side stream filtration unit. This continuous duty filtration cart unit is commonly used for machines and reservoir cleanup, or as a mobile filter during your regular schedule preventative maintenance program. Whether trying to extend coolant life, reclaim processed liquids, or remove tramp oil, this versatile system will exceed your expectations.

Our portable filtration system features a self-priming double diaphragm pump. An electrical self-priming pump option is available upon request.

The Liquid filtration cart features our CR series vessel. The cart is a standard two wheel industrial hand cart with a 2” lipped drain pan. This portable system features controls for an adjustable flow rate up to 35 GPM and flexible 8’ input and output wands.

Key features:

* Adjustable flow rate up to 35 GPM

* Filters everything from water to gear oil

* Runs on shop air. Low CFM

* Clamp ring filter enclosure for easy filter bag replacement

* Variety of filter bag options available with micron ratings from 0.5 to 1200

* Heavy duty cart with pneumatic tires and built in drip pan

* Input/output wands made to fit in a 55 gallon drums with 8’ reach

* A variety of pump and filter seals designed to adapt to your fluid requirements

* Available in electric.