Filter Bags


We stock standard, OEM and non-standard filter bags featuring a variety of sizes, materials and options to meet any requirement. All filter bag sizes, types 1 – 12 are available in felt or mesh construction in several materials including: polyester, nylon, polypropylene, Nomex and Teflon. Multiple options such as top style, handle choice, micron rating and glazed finishes are available to maximize efficiency.

Our bags fit all styles of Synergy vessels, as well as many OEM styles. All of our replacement filter bags are priced 30–70% below OEM standards. For a complete list of available micron ratings, please see the available micron rating chart.

Felt bags

Felt bags are available and polyester, polypropylene and Nomex. Filtration felt is a low-cost disposable media with depth filtration qualities and high solids loading capacity. Felt filter bags are typically used with micron requirements of 0.5 to 100. Filtration felts are available with a glazed or singed outer finish to minimize fiber of migration from the filter surface.

Polyester– This popular all-purpose filter material is dependable and economical. Polyester felt bags work great with most machine coolants. Polyester felt is the most economical option for metal working fluids.

Polypropylene– Equally dependable and still economical, polypropylene filter bags major advantage over polyester bags is compatibility. Polypropylene’s increased range of chemical compatibility allows this felt to be used in almost any industrial liquid.

Nomex– Primarily used in high temperature applications, Nomex bags are a safe solution on polyester and polypropylene bags can’t tolerate the operating temperature.

Mesh bags

There are two types of mesh filter bags, monofilament and multifilament. They are available and polyester, polypropylene and nylon. Less aggressive than felt bags, mesh bags are often used as pre-filters or for protection of a downstream operation.

Monofilament– Monofilament mesh bags are extremely strong and durable. Their precise weaving ensures consistent pore sizes. Polyester is the most economical of the three materials, nylon offers the most strength and widest range of microns. Polypropylene offers the widest range of chemical compatibility.

Multifilament– Available and polyester and polypropylene, multi filament mesh filter bags are low cost alternative filter media. Economical and reusable multifilament filters are strong and versatile.

Custom bags

Custom filters and hard to find replacements are easily identified by Synergy’s filter specialist. Bags can be made to fit any unique requirements, be it size, compatibility, composition, tolerance, enclosure or other specific design. If you’re struggling with a hard to find replacement, we can help with that too. If we don’t already stock it, all that’s needed is a new or used sample to duplicate.