Clamp Ring Series


filter housing

Synergy Applications continues to pioneer the filtration industry with the development of the clamp ring, or CR series filter vessels. The clamp ring design offers added security and allows for easy filter bag change out.


The CR series filter vessel combines many of Synergy’s features and benefits providing the highest level of industrial quality and safety. Customizable options and features include variable input/output sizes and locations, finish requirements, mounting, adjustable stand, and seal material. All CR vessels are constructed in carbon steel. Several options are available for the internal strainer basket.


* Designed for pressure safety up to 150 PSI

* Max flow rated up to 90 and 180 GPM

* Internal options of either 7” or 8”

* Available in two standard sizes

* Light aluminum lid

* Two ¼” gauge ports

* Up to 2” input/output available in various locations

* Drain port

The CR series vessel has an aluminum lid construction. This reduces the lids overall weight as compared to a heavy steel lids. The lid also contains the filter vessel seal, eliminating the misplacement or misalignment of seals during filter bag change out. The clamp cannot be closed unless the lid assembly is properly aligned, thus eliminating the risk of leaks.

Filter bags are available in a variety of materials and sizes and multiple options to make them compatible with any liquid, temperature, or other unique demand. Visit our filter bag page to find the best fit for your application.