Duplex Filter


Synergy Application manufactures multiple duplex filter housings, designed to our customer’s filtration requirements. Our innovative duplex design offer manual or automated crossover style.

Synergy manufactures the traditional two armed crossover design as an economical option to the single arm crossover version. We manufacture a tight profile in this version to save valuable space on your shop floor to keep your footprint to a minimal size.

Double the capacity of a standard vessel without the cost of a multi vessel expense. Operating the two filter housing in tandem gives the capacity of higher flow rates without the cost, floor space consumption or change out time of multi round housings.


* Pressure rates up to 150 and 400 PSI

* Flow rates up to 360 GPM

* Input/output sizes up to 2”

* Material composition in carbon steel

* Adjustable stand height

* Gauge ports and drain ports