Reference part number list

Synergy Applications Part Description
SA1542 PE-25-P28-H30, 25 micron type 12 polyester felt filer bag, with a handle.
SA1532 PE-10-P28-H30, 10 micron type 12 polyester felt
SA1753 T-Seal kit, Buna T-Seal with backing rings, for Synergy CR Series filter vessels.
SA9035 Clamp Ring for Synergy CR Series Vessels.
SA9074 Synergy CR Series spare lid assembly kit, includes aluminum lid, T-Seal, and clamp ring.
SA1924 Filter cartridge for model #G-UL-12A element #5DUW-EV, Taisei Kogyo hydraulic filter.
SA1350 1 micron water absorbent filter cartridge
SA1373 Blended rayon and polyester filter roll, 25 micron rating.