Filter Elements


The replacement of filter elements can be difficult and confusing.  Let one of our specialists take the worry and work in finding a low cost, USA manufactured replacement.  Below is a listing and description of a few of the lines we offer.


Synergy replacement elements are available for all hydraulic replacement filters. We stock a wide variety of hydraulic elements for domestic and foreign made filters. We specialize in difficult to find Japanese and Korean elements. Synergy has extensive expertise in identifying replacement elements from OEM parts or cross referencing special components.   Virtually all makes and models are available.


Synergy supplies filter media made from resin-impregnated cellulose filter media. The filter media is pleated and then assembled into an economical disposable filter media. Cellulose filter elements are low cost, disposable, and nominally rated.

Cellulose filter elements are available as either aftermarket products or as products for original equipment manufacturers. We can custom engineer cellulose filter elements to meet your application’s requirements.


Glass filter media is manufactured from inert micro-fiberglass material bonded with a stable resin, randomly set into a multi-layer composite.

Synergy micro-fiberglass filter elements are an appropriate selection for a majority of applications for liquids and gases. Micro-fiberglass filter elements offer extra protection for your filtration system because of their increased dirt holding capacity and particle capture efficiency. The fibers in our filters are typically small and uniform in size. This keeps contamination out of your system for longer system life and less downtime. Our filter media conforms to latest ISO 16889 standards and every element that is manufactured is functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with OEM filters

Stainless Steel Wire

Synergy supplied filter media consists of stainless steel wire cloth strands woven in various mesh patterns to form absolute as well as nominal filtration ratings. Using our SWIFTMESH wire cloth, there are different construction options for filter elements:

Stainless steel wire cloth elements are idea for hostile or severe environments and applications. That is why cleanability is so important. All of our wire cloth stainless steel filter elements are easily restored back into service by back flushing, ultrasonic or other non-abrasive cleaning techniques. When used in filtration applications involving hazardous fluids, the cleanability of our stainless filter elements can significantly reduce disposal costs.

Spin-on filters

Synergy supplies high performance replacement Spin-On filter products are dimensionally and functionally interchangeable with all other OEM filters.

  • Temperature Range: -65°F to +250°F

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 200 psi

  • Maximum pressure without bypass: 80 psi

  • Beta Rated: 1,3,6,10, & 25 Micron

  • Application: Petroleum based fluids only. Call SWIFT for synthetic fluids

  • Buna “N” Gasket standard. Fluorocarbon Gasket optional