Filter Media


A full range of replacement filter media including filter bags, cartridges and rolled media are available to fit any filter housing.

Synergy replacement filters are made to the performance you expect at a discounted price you want.

Our filter media is made of the best quality material and construction.

We offer replacement filter media for standard and non-standard vessels, discounted 30-70% off OEM pricing.

Synergy’s filtration specialists are always available to guide you through your search in choosing the right filter media for your applications.

We are your total coolant management team.

Filter bags:  All standard bag filters, in all compositions are available in range of micron ratings.  Custom bag filters are made to your specifications and stocked.

Filter cartridges:  Pleated, cellulose paper, hydraulic, spin-ons, spun-wound, water absorbent, EDM and micro-glass filter cartridges to fit all types and sizes of filter vessels are available.

Filter rolls:  We offer rolled media from 6” to 144” width by any length for all of your roll applications.  Over 15 material compositions are available across a range of micron ratings.

Filter elements: DOE (double open ended), SOE (single open ended), hydraulic elements and domestic manufactured Asian elements for all types of housings.