Filter Rolls


We stock a variety of filter rolls for various bed, gravity, and vacuum filters in a variety of materials including polyester, rayon, polypropylene, Remay and blends. All standard sizes are available or we can cut to size from 6” to 144” wide. Custom applications or unknown materials are easily resolved by our experienced team.

Rolled media can be spun-bound, melt-blown, flat-bonded or point-bonded. Densities can range from 0.5 to 3 ounces per square yard with nominal micron rating ranging from 3 to 200. Synergy’s rolled >media, standard and custom sizes, offer significant savings over expensive OEM brands.


Polypropylene is a low-cost alternative to specialized filter medias and provides the advantage of lowering your particle count and reducing tramp oils. This is an excellent media for vacuum and pressure filter applications.


* Absorptive to tramp oil.

* Spun-bound, point bonded.

* Multi-layered for extra tight ratings.


Polyester is a high-strength media that works well in straight oil or other liquids filtration applications where restricted flow is a problem. It is a flat-bonded media with good cake building characteristics.


* Good for heavy load or flow restriction.

* Uniform coverage and consistency.

* More uniform distribution of particles.

* Multilayered thermal joined flat-bonded.

* Can be used on pressure, vacuum and gravity filters.


Rayon rolled media is designed for a high heat application. Used on gravity filters, rayon performs with excellent filtration qualities. Rayon is a hot oil media used in processing of nuts, potatoes and fried seafood.


* High temperature rating.

* Food grade (FDA approved)


A staple in the filtration industry for gravity filters, a polyester rayon blended media provides good clarity for liquid filtration application that requires high tensile strength.


* Relatively inexpensive.

* Fits a wide range of applications and ratings.

When you require fine finishes, lower particle counts and a reduction in micron size, polyester cellulose blend is a safe bet. It can be used on vacuum, pressure and gravity filters.


* Holds tighter filtration requirements.

* Good for general grinding applications.

* Wide weight ranges.